API Reference

Gravity Corrections

normal_gravity(latitude, height) Calculate normal gravity at any latitude and height.
bouguer_correction(topography[, …]) Gravitational effect of topography using a planar Bouguer plate approximation.

Equivalent Layers

EQLHarmonic([damping, points, relative_depth]) Equivalent-layer for generic harmonic functions (gravity, magnetics, etc).

Forward modelling

point_mass_gravity(coordinates, points, …) Compute gravitational fields of point masses.
prism_gravity(coordinates, prisms, density, …) Compute gravitational fields of right-rectangular prisms in Cartesian coordinates.
tesseroid_gravity(coordinates, tesseroids, …) Compute gravitational field of tesseroids on computation points.


isostasy_airy(topography[, density_crust, …]) Calculate the isostatic Moho depth from topography using Airy’s hypothesis.

Reference Ellipsoids

ReferenceEllipsoid(name, semimajor_axis, …) A reference ellipsoid for coordinate manipulations and normal gravity calculations.
set_ellipsoid([ellipsoid]) Set the reference ellipsoid used throughout the library.
get_ellipsoid() Get the current reference ellipsoid.
print_ellipsoids(\*\*kwargs) Print all available ellipsoids.

Coordinates Conversions

geodetic_to_spherical(longitude, latitude, …) Convert from geodetic to geocentric spherical coordinates.
spherical_to_geodetic(longitude, …) Convert from geocentric spherical to geodetic coordinates.

Input and Output

load_icgem_gdf(fname, \*\*kwargs) Reads data from an ICGEM .gdf file.


datasets.fetch_gravity_earth() Fetch a global grid of Earth gravity.
datasets.fetch_geoid_earth() Fetch a global grid of the geoid height.
datasets.fetch_topography_earth() Fetch a global grid of Earth relief (topography and bathymetry).
datasets.fetch_rio_magnetic() Fetch total-field magnetic anomaly data from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
datasets.fetch_south_africa_gravity() Fetch gravity station data from South Africa


test([doctest, verbose, coverage, figures]) Run the test suite.