verde.datasets.setup_baja_bathymetry_map(ax, region=(245.0, 254.705, 20.0, 29.99), coastlines=True, **kwargs)[source]

Setup a Cartopy map for the Baja California bathymetry dataset.


All sample datasets in Verde are deprecated and will be removed in Verde v2.0.0. The tutorials/examples will transition to using Ensaio instead.

  • ax (matplotlib Axes) – The axes where the map is being plotted.

  • region (list = [W, E, S, N]) – The boundaries of the map region in the coordinate system of the data.

  • coastlines (bool) – If True the coastlines will be added to the plot.

  • kwargs – All additional key-word arguments will be ignored. kwargs are accepted to guarantee backward compatibility.

See also


Sample bathymetry data from Baja California.