Sample Data

Verde provides some sample data and ways of generating synthetic data through the verde.datasets module. The sample data are automatically downloaded from the Github repository to a folder on your computer the first time you use them. After that, the data are loaded from this folder. The download is managed by the pooch package.

Where is my data?

The data files are downloaded to a folder ~/.verde/data/ by default. This is the base data directory. pooch will create a separate folder in the base directory for each version of Verde. So for Verde 0.1, the base data dir is ~/.verde/data/0.1. If you’re using the latest development version from Github, the version is master.

You can change the base data directory by setting the VERDE_DATA_DIR environment variable to a different path.

Available datasets

These are the datasets currently available. Most also come with a function for setting up a Cartopy map to display the data.

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