Fetch total-field magnetic anomaly data of Great Britain.

These data are a complete airborne survey of the entire Great Britain conducted between 1955 and 1965. The data are made available by the British Geological Survey (BGS) through their geophysical data portal.

License: Open Government License

The columns of the data table are longitude, latitude, total-field magnetic anomaly (nanoTesla), observation height relative to the WGS84 datum (in meters), survey area, and line number and line segment for each data point.

Latitude, longitude, and elevation data converted from original OSGB36 (epsg:27700) coordinate system to WGS84 (epsg:4326) using to_crs function in GeoPandas.

See the original data for more processing information.

If the file isn’t already in your data directory, it will be downloaded automatically.


data (pandas.DataFrame) – The magnetic anomaly data.

Examples using harmonica.datasets.fetch_britain_magnetic