verde.base.check_fit_input(coordinates, data, weights, unpack=True)[source]

Validate the inputs to the fit method of gridders.

Checks that the coordinates, data, and weights (if given) all have the same shape. Weights arrays are raveled.

  • coordinates (tuple of arrays) – Arrays with the coordinates of each data point. Should be in the following order: (easting, northing, vertical, …).

  • data (array or tuple of arrays) – The data values of each data point. Data can have more than one component. In such cases, data should be a tuple of arrays.

  • weights (None or array) – If not None, then the weights assigned to each data point. Typically, this should be 1 over the data uncertainty squared. If the data has multiple components, the weights have the same number of components.

  • unpack (bool) – If False, data and weights will be tuples always. If they are single arrays, then they will be returned as a 1-element tuple. If True, will unpack the tuples if there is only 1 array in each.


validated_inputs – The validated inputs in the same order. If weights are given, will ravel the array before returning.