A friend to fetch your data files

Just want to download a file without messing with requests and urllib? Trying to add sample datasets to your Python package? Pooch is here to help!

Pooch is a Python library that can manage data by downloading files from a server (only when needed) and storing them locally in a data cache (a folder on your computer).

  • Pure Python and minimal dependencies.

  • Download files over HTTP, FTP, and from data repositories like Zenodo and figshare.

  • Built-in post-processors to unzip/decompress the data after download.

  • Designed to be extended: create custom downloaders and post-processors.

Are you a scientist or researcher? Pooch can help you too!

  • Host your data on a repository and download using the DOI.

  • Automatically download data using code instead of telling colleagues to do it themselves.

  • Make sure everyone running the code has the same version of the data files.

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Pooch is a part of the Fatiando a Terra project.