Topography of the Earth at 10 arc-minute resolution

The grid is global with node spacing of 10 arc-minutes (grid-node registered) and stored in netCDF with CF-compliant metadata.

The values are derived from a spherical harmonic model of the ETOPO1 bedrock grid. Topography/bathymetry values are referenced to “sea level” and are positive upwards. The horizontal datum is WGS84.

There are 1081 x 2161 grid points in total. Coordinates are longitude and latitude (geodetic).

Format: netCDF4 with zlib compression

Load with: xarray.load_dataarray (requires the netcdf4 library)

Original source: ETOPO1

Original license: Public domain

Pre-processing: Source code for preparation of the original dataset for redistribution in Ensaio



version (int) – The data version to fetch. See the available versions above.


fname (pathlib.Path) – Path to the downloaded file on disk.

Examples using ensaio.fetch_earth_topography