Single-beam bathymetry of the Caribbean

This dataset is a compilation of several public domain single-beam bathymetry surveys of the ocean in the Caribbean. The data display a wide range of tectonic activity, uneven distribution, and even clear systematic errors in some of the survey lines.

The horizontal datum is WGS84 and the bathymetric depth is positive downwards and referenced to “mean sea level”.

There are 1,938,095 measurements in total with 4 columns available: survey ID, longitude, latitude (geodetic), and depth.

Format: CSV with xz (lzma) compression.

Load with: pandas.read_csv

Original source: NOAA NCEI

Original license: Public domain

Pre-processing: Source code for preparation of the original dataset for redistribution in Ensaio



version (int) – The data version to fetch. See the available versions above.


fname (pathlib.Path) – Path to the downloaded file on disk.

Examples using ensaio.fetch_caribbean_bathymetry