Fetch sample total-field magnetic anomaly data from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

These data were cropped from the northwestern part of an airborne survey of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, conducted in 1978. The data are made available by the Geological Survey of Brazil (CPRM) through their GEOSGB portal.

The anomaly is calculated with respect to the IGRF field parameters listed on the table below. See the original data for more processing information.

IGRF for year 1978.3 at 500 m height
Latitude Longitude Intensity (nT) Declination Inclination
-22º15’ -42º15’ 23834 -19º19’ -27º33’

If the file isn’t already in your data directory, it will be downloaded automatically.

data : pandas.DataFrame

The magnetic anomaly data. Columns are longitude, latitude, total-field magnetic anomaly (nanoTesla), observation height above the WGS84 ellipsoid (in meters), flight line type (LINE or TIE), and flight line number for each data point.

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