rockhound.fetch_seafloor_age(*, resolution='6min', load=True, **kwargs)[source]

Fetch the age of the oceanic lithosphere global grid

Grids produced by [Muller2008].

Includes the age uncertainty grid as well. Both are available in 2 and 6 arc-minute resolutions. The units for the ages are millions of years. The grids span longitudes from 0 E to 360 E and latitudes from 90 N to -90 N and are grid-line registered.

If the files aren’t already in your data directory, they will be downloaded automatically.

resolution : str

Which resolution grid to load. Must be "6min" or "2min".

load : bool

Wether to load the data into an xarray.Dataset or just return the path to the downloaded data. If False, will return a list with the paths to the age and age uncertainty grids, respectively.


Keyword arguments will be forwarded to the xarray.open_dataset function that loads the grid into memory.

grid : xarray.Dataset or str

The loaded grid or the file path to the downloaded data.

Examples using rockhound.fetch_seafloor_age