rockhound.fetch_bedmap2(datasets, *, load=True)[source]

Fetch the Bedmap2 datasets for Antarctica.

Bedmap2 is a suite of gridded products describing surface elevation, ice-thickness, the sea floor and subglacial bed elevation of the Antarctic south of 60°S [BEDMAP2]. The datasets are downloaded as tiff files and loaded into a xarray.Dataset object.

Each dataset is projected in Antarctic Polar Stereographic projection, latitude of true scale -71 degrees south, datum WGS84. All heights are in metres relative to sea level as defined by the g104c geoid.

The available datasets are:

  • bed: bedrock height
  • surface: ice surface height
  • thickness: ice thickness
  • icemask_grounded_and_shelves: mask showing the grounding line and the extent of the floating ice shelves
  • rockmask: mask showing rock outcrops
  • lakemask_vostok: mask showing the extent of the lake cavity of Lake Vostok
  • grounded_bed_uncertainty: ice bed uncertainty grid
  • thickness_uncertainty_5km: ice thickness uncertainty grid
  • coverage: binary grid showing the distribution of ice thickness data used in the grid of ice thickness
  • geoid: values to convert from heights relative to WGS84 datum to heights relative to EIGEN-GL04C geoid (to convert back to WGS84, add this grid)


Loading a great number of datasets may require a fair amount of memory that could crash your system. We recommend loading only the needed datasets.


Loading any dataset along with thickness_uncertainty_5km would modify the shape of the grid because it’s defined on a different set of points.

datasets : list or str

Names of the datasets that will be loaded from the Bedmap2 model.

load : bool

Wether to load the data into an xarray.Dataset or just return the path to the downloaded data tiff files. If False, will return a list with the paths to the files corresponding to datasets.

grid : xarray.Dataset

The loaded Bedmap2 datasets.

Examples using rockhound.fetch_bedmap2