ETOPO1 Earth Relief

ETOPO1 is a 1 arc-minute global relief model of Earth’s surface that integrates land topography and ocean bathymetry [AmanteEakins2009]. It’s available in two versions: “Ice Surface” (top of Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets) and “Bedrock” (base of the ice sheets). The grids are loaded into xarray.Dataset which can be used to plot and make computations.



Dimensions:    (latitude: 10801, longitude: 21601)
  * longitude  (longitude) float64 -180.0 -180.0 -180.0 ... 180.0 180.0 180.0
  * latitude   (latitude) float64 -90.0 -89.98 -89.97 ... 89.97 89.98 90.0
Data variables:
    bedrock    (latitude, longitude) float64 ...
    Conventions:  COARDS/CF-1.0
    title:        ETOPO1 Bedrock Relief
    GMT_version:  4.4.0
    node_offset:  0
    doi:          10.7289/V5C8276M

import rockhound as rh
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import cmocean

# Load a version of the topography grid
grid = rh.fetch_etopo1(version="bedrock")

# Select a subset that corresponds to Africa to make plotting faster given the
# size of the grid.
africa = grid.sel(latitude=slice(-40, 45), longitude=slice(-20, 60))

# Plot the age grid.
# We're not using a map projection to speed up the plotting but this NOT
# recommended.
plt.figure(figsize=(9, 8))
ax = plt.subplot(111)
africa.bedrock.plot.pcolormesh(, cbar_kwargs=dict(pad=0.01, aspect=30), ax=ax

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