List of functions and classes (API)


All functions and classes should be accessed from the pooch top-level namespace.

Modules inside of the pooch package are meant mostly for internal organization. Please avoid importing directly from submodules since functions/classes may be moved around.


pooch.create(path, base_url[, version, …])

Create a Pooch with sensible defaults to fetch data files.

pooch.Pooch(path, base_url[, registry, …])

Manager for a local data storage that can fetch from a remote source.

pooch.retrieve(url, known_hash[, fname, …])

Download and cache a single file locally.



Default cache location based on the operating system.

pooch.make_registry(directory, output[, …])

Make a registry of files and hashes for the given directory.

pooch.file_hash(fname[, alg])

Calculate the hash of a given file.

pooch.check_version(version[, fallback])

Check if a version is PEP440 compliant and there are no unreleased changes.


Get the default event logger.


pooch.HTTPDownloader([progressbar, chunk_size])

Download manager for fetching files over HTTP/HTTPS.

pooch.FTPDownloader([port, username, …])

Download manager for fetching files over FTP.

pooch.SFTPDownloader([port, username, …])

Download manager for fetching files over SFTP.

pooch.DOIDownloader([progressbar, chunk_size])

Download manager for fetching files from Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs).


pooch.Unzip([members, extract_dir])

Processor that unpacks a zip archive and returns a list of all files.

pooch.Untar([members, extract_dir])

Processor that unpacks a tar archive and returns a list of all files.

pooch.Decompress([method, name])

Processor that decompress a file and returns the decompressed version.


pooch.test([doctest, verbose, coverage])

Run the test suite.