class pooch.Unzip(members=None)[source]

Processor that unpacks a zip archive and returns a list of all files.

Use with pooch.Pooch.fetch to unzip a downloaded data file into a folder in the local data store. fetch will return a list with the names of the unzipped files instead of the zip archive.

members : list or None

If None, will unpack all files in the zip archive. Otherwise, members must be a list of file names to unpack from the archive. Only these files will be unpacked.


__call__(self, fname, action, pooch) Extract all files from the given zip archive.
Unzip.__call__(self, fname, action, pooch)[source]

Extract all files from the given zip archive.

The output folder is {fname}.unzip.

fname : str

Full path of the zipped file in local storage.

action : str

Indicates what action was taken by pooch.Pooch.fetch. One of:

  • "download": The file didn’t exist locally and was downloaded
  • "update": The local file was outdated and was re-download
  • "fetch": The file exists and is updated so it wasn’t downloaded
pooch : pooch.Pooch

The instance of pooch.Pooch that is calling this.

fnames : list of str

A list of the full path to all files in the unzipped archive.