Version compatibility#

Pooch backwards incompatible changes#

We try to retain backwards compatibility whenever possible. Major breaking changes to the Pooch API will be marked by a major release and deprecation warnings will be issued in previous releases to give developers ample time to adapt.

If there are any backwards incompatible changes, they will be listed below:

Version introduced





We replaced use of warning with the logging module for all messages issued by Pooch. This allows messages to be logged with different priorities and the user filter out log messages or silence Pooch entirely. Users who relied on Pooch issuing warnings will need to update to capturing logs instead. The vast majority of users are unaffected.

Supported dependency versions#

Pooch follows the recommendations in NEP29 for setting the minimum required version of our dependencies. In short, we support all minor releases of our dependencies from the previous 24 months before a Pooch release with a minimum of 2 minor releases.

We follow this guidance conservatively and won’t require newer versions if the older ones are still working without causing problems. Whenever support for a version is dropped, we will include a note in the Changelog.


This was introduced in Pooch v1.6.0.

Supported Python versions#

If you require support for older Python versions, please pin Pooch to the following releases to ensure compatibility:

Python version

Last compatible Pooch release