Earth TopographyΒΆ

The topography and bathymetry of the Earth according to the ETOPO1 model [AmanteEakins2009]. The original model has 1 arc-minute grid spacing but here we downsampled to 0.5 degree grid spacing to save space and download times. Heights are referenced to sea level.

Topography of the Earth (ETOPO1)


Dimensions:     (latitude: 361, longitude: 721)
  * longitude   (longitude) float64 -180.0 -179.5 -179.0 ... 179.0 179.5 180.0
  * latitude    (latitude) float64 -90.0 -89.5 -89.0 -88.5 ... 89.0 89.5 90.0
Data variables:
    topography  (latitude, longitude) float64 2.762e+03 2.762e+03 ... -4.179e+03
Attributes: (12/31)
    generating_institute:  gfz-potsdam
    generating_date:       2018/12/13
    product_type:          topography
    body:                  earth
    modelname:             etopo1-2250
    max_used_degree:       1277
    ...                    ...
    maxvalue:              5.6509528E+03 meter
    minvalue:              -8.4094822E+03 meter
    signal_wrms:           2.4872117E+03 meter
    grid_format:           long_lat_value
    attributes:            longitude latitude topography
    attributes_units:      deg. deg. meter

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import as ccrs
import harmonica as hm

# Load the topography grid
data = hm.datasets.fetch_topography_earth()

# Make a plot of data using Cartopy
plt.figure(figsize=(10, 10))
ax = plt.axes(projection=ccrs.Orthographic(central_longitude=-30))
pc = data.topography.plot.pcolormesh(
    ax=ax, transform=ccrs.PlateCarree(), add_colorbar=False, cmap="terrain"
    pc, label="meters", orientation="horizontal", aspect=50, pad=0.01, shrink=0.6
ax.set_title("Topography of the Earth (ETOPO1)")

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