harmonica.load_icgem_gdf(fname, **kwargs)[source]

Reads data from an ICGEM .gdf file.

The ICGEM Calculation Service [BarthelmesKohler2016] generates gravity field grids from spherical harmonic models. They use a custom ASCII grid format with information in the header. This function can read the format and parse information from the header. It returns the data in a xarray.Dataset for convenience and reduced storage requirements.

  • fname (string or file-like object) – Name of the ICGEM .gdf file or an open file object to read from.

  • kwargs – Extra keyword arguments to this function will be passed to numpy.loadtxt.


grid (xarray.Dataset) – An xarray.Dataset with the data from the file. The header of the gdf file is available through the attr attribute of the xarray.Dataset.