Source code for pooch

# pylint: disable=missing-docstring,import-outside-toplevel
# Import functions/classes to make the API
from . import version
from .core import Pooch, create, retrieve
from .utils import os_cache, file_hash, make_registry, check_version, get_logger
from .downloaders import HTTPDownloader, FTPDownloader
from .processors import Unzip, Untar, Decompress

[docs]def test(doctest=True, verbose=True, coverage=False): """ Run the test suite. Uses `py.test <>`__ to discover and run the tests. Parameters ---------- doctest : bool If ``True``, will run the doctests as well (code examples that start with a ``>>>`` in the docs). verbose : bool If ``True``, will print extra information during the test run. coverage : bool If ``True``, will run test coverage analysis on the code as well. Requires ``pytest-cov``. Raises ------ AssertionError If pytest returns a non-zero error code indicating that some tests have failed. """ import pytest package = __name__ args = [] if verbose: args.append("-vv") if coverage: args.append("--cov={}".format(package)) args.append("--cov-report=term-missing") if doctest: args.append("--doctest-modules") args.append("--pyargs") args.append(package) status = pytest.main(args) assert status == 0, "Some tests have failed."