Version 0.2.1

Released on: 2018/11/15

Bug fixes:

  • Fix unwanted ~ directory creation when not using a version in pooch.create (#37)

Version 0.2.0

Released on: 2018/10/31

Bug fixes:

  • Avoid copying of files across the file system (#33)
  • Correctly delete temporary downloads on error (#32)

New features:

  • Allow custom download URLs for individual files (#30)
  • Allow dataset versioning to be optional (#29)


  • Move URLs building to a dedicated method for easy subclassing (#31)
  • Add testing and support for Python 3.7 (#25)

Version 0.1.1

Released on: 2018/08/30

Bug fixes:

  • Check if the local data folder is writable and warn the user instead of crashing (#23)

Version 0.1

Released on: 2018/08/20

  • Fist release of Pooch. Manages downloading sample data files over HTTP from a server and storing them in a local directory. Main features:
    • Download a file only if it’s not in the local storage.
    • Check the SHA256 hash to make sure the file is not corrupted or needs updating.
    • If the hash is different from the registry, Pooch will download a new version of the file.
    • If the hash still doesn’t match, Pooch will raise an exception warning of possible data corruption.