Learn how to use our software

Learning how to use Python libraries can be challenging, particularly if you're new to Python. Don't worry! Here are some resources to help you get started.


Our YouTube channel has video tutorials, demonstrations, and talks about several of the tools that we develop.

Videos will usually include links to the tutorial source code and instructions in the description. Tutorials are organized in a playlist for easier access.


The best place to learn more about each particular tool is their documentation pages (AKA the docs):

The docs contain full descriptions of every function and class in each package, examples of their usage, and explanations of the theory behind certain methods.


Need documentation for a specific version of a package? There are links in each documentation page to all previous versions and as well as the latest release.

Looking for the Python 2.7 fatiando library?

It still exists! While development of the fatiando library has stopped in favour of our new tools, you can still install it and view the documentation for version 0.5 at legacy.fatiando.org

New to Python?

If you don’t have much experience with Python, don’t worry!

Software Carpentry provides open-source lessons (also available in Spanish) about Python for scientific computing and much more. This is a great resource and all they teach is worth learning. We recommend starting with these two: “Programming with Python” and “Plotting and Programming in Python”.

The Software Sustainability Institute has a recording of the “Programming with Python” lesson freely available on YouTube.

The Software Underground community has also produced introduction to Python tutorials as part of the Transform events. The best part is that they are all focused on Geoscience applications.