Fatiando is a community-developed project. It's people like you who make it useful and successful! Our tools are developed by working geoscientists and community volunteers from across the globe.


Open-source is more than just code, it’s about the people involved. The most important thing you can do for any project is participate in the community: ask and answer questions, share your experience, help guide the development, and make friends along the way.

The Fatiando community gathers in a few different places online, all of which are open to everyone. So come along and join the conversation! See Contact Us to find out where we gather.

Happy community members at one of our weekly Fatiando calls.

Why participate in an open-source project like Fatiando? There is much for you to gain from your participation:

  • Connect with a welcoming global community.
  • Authorship on publications about our software.
  • Learn first-hand about software engineering.
  • Solve your own problems while benefiting the community.

There are many ways that you can contribute, including submitting bug reports and feature requests, writing tutorials and examples, fixing typos and improving to the documentation, and writing code for everyone to use.


Have a look at our Contributing Guide to see how you can get involved. This and other guides (authorship policy, project maintenance, etc.) can be found in the fatiando/community repository.


Everyone is required to abide by our Code of Conduct when participating in the Fatiando community. Please review it carefully.

Who we are

The organization structure of Fatiando is outlined in our Governance document. It specifies the existing roles within our community, what are the responsibilities assigned to each one, and how to gain responsibilities within our organization. Below is a list of the people currently occupying each role.

Steering Council

The overall role of the Steering Council is to ensure the long-term well-being of the project. It is composed of community members who have distinguished themselves by making substantial contributions to the project over time.

Benevolent Dictator For Life (BDFL)

The BDFL is chair of the Steering Council and has the same responsibilities of other Council members. As Dictator, they also have the authority to make all final decisions for the project. As Benevolent, they, in practice, chooses to defer that authority to the consensus of the Community and Steering Council.

Project Founders

The Founders are the people who played a role in the conceptualization of Fatiando. They hold no special authority and are included as an acknowledgement of their initial contribution.

Package Authors

The GitHub repositories for each project contain files which list everyone involved. These are the people listed in those files.


Our Authorship Guidelines define the rules for attributing authorship to those involved in our projects.