Citing and supporting Fatiando

Our software is made by scientists and volunteers who generously donate their time and attention. Here are some of the ways in which you can help support the project and give back to the community.

Cite our software

Citations help us justify the effort that goes into building and maintaining this project.

Each of our libraries has a CITATION.rst file that describes the best way to cite it in publications:

Get involved

Fatiando only exists because of the efforts of our community members, most of which volunteer their time and energy. One of the most impactful ways you can help is by being involved!

Spread the word

We benefit greatly from recommendations and acknowledgements of usage of our software. It helps boost morale, encourage participation, and can even help with funding applications and job interviews for our community members.

Social media: Share links to this website, our GitHub repositories, project documentation, etc.

Publish your code: Used our tools in your research? Why not publish your analysis code along with the paper? Give us a shout and we’ll gladly share it on our social media.

Use our logos: Include the project logos in talks, posters, videos, and websites about work that used our tools.

Want the vector graphics versions?

High quality SVG and PNG versions of the logos and other variants are all available at fatiando/logo.

Can’t get enough? Here is a sweet Fatiando wallpaper in 4k resolution and 16x9 aspect ratio: