Citing Fatiando

If you use our software, please consider citing it in your publications. Our software is made by scientists and volunteers who generously donate their time and attention. Citations help us justify the effort that goes into building and maintaining this project.

Citing the libraries

Each of our libraries has a CITATION.rst file that describes the best way to cite it in publications:

Citing the Fatiando project

If you wish to reference the Fatiando project as a whole, please use the following reference:

Uieda, L., V. C. Oliveira Jr, and V. C. F. Barbosa (2013), Modeling the Earth with Fatiando a Terra, Proceedings of the 12th Python in Science Conference, pp. 91-98. doi:10.25080/Majora-8b375195-010

This article was peer-reviewed and is open-access. Source files and extra material for the paper are on the leouieda/scipy2013 GitHub repository.

Here is a BibTex entry for LaTeX users:

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