Which Python?#

You’ll need Python 3.8 or greater. See Supported Python versions if you require support for older versions.

We recommend using the Anaconda Python distribution to ensure you have all dependencies installed and the conda package manager available. Installing Anaconda does not require administrative rights to your computer and doesn’t interfere with any other Python installations in your system.


The required dependencies should be installed automatically when you install Choclo using conda or pip. Optional dependencies have to be installed manually.


See Supported dependency versions for the our policy of oldest supported versions of each dependency.


The examples in the Overview also use:

Installing with conda#

You can install Choclo using the conda package manager that comes with the Anaconda distribution:

conda install choclo --channel conda-forge

Installing with pip#

Alternatively, you can also use the pip package manager:

pip install choclo

Installing the latest development version#

You can use pip to install the latest source from Github:

pip install

Alternatively, you can clone the git repository locally and install from there:

git clone
cd choclo
pip install .