Version 0.1.0#

Released on: 2023/05/12


Breaking changes:

  • Ditch kernel functions for point masses (#42)

  • Make Choclo functions to take only scalar inputs instead of array inputs (#50)

  • Update the value of the gravitational constant to the latest standard (#56)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix bug on non-diagonal tensor components of prisms (#27)

New features:

  • Gravity and magnetic forward models for prisms return nan on singular points (#30)


  • Drop support for Python 3.6 (#29)

  • Add missing matplotlib to the dev environment (#44)


  • Add installation instructions to the docs (#35)

  • Improve Overview page in docs: avoid printing huge arrays, and add plots (#37)

  • Add buttons to download user guide pages (#39)

  • Add User Guide with example for building jacobians (#40)

  • Move “How to use Choclo” to its own user guide page (#41)

  • Improve math in Jacobian matrix user guide page (#43)

  • Add Zenodo doi for all versions for citation (#45)

  • Add changelog and links to docs for other versions (#46)

  • Add a logo for Choclo, based on colorful corn variations from the Andes (#48)

This release contains contributions from:

  • Santiago Soler

  • Leonardo Uieda

Version 0.0.1#

Released on: 2022/11/19


First release of Choclo, including functions for gravity and magnetic forward modelling of point sources and right-rectangular prisms. This first release will serve as a test of the API concept as we trial the use Choclo in other projects.

This release contains contributions from:

  • Santiago Soler

  • Leonardo Uieda