Fatiando a Terra: Geophysical modeling and inversionΒΆ

An open source toolkit for geophysical modeling and inversion

Fatiando provides an easy and flexible way to perform common tasks like: generating synthetic data, forward modeling, inversion, 3D visualization, and more! All from inside the powerful Python language.

For more information visit the official site.

The source code of Fatiando is hosted on GitHub.

License: Fatiando is licensed under the BSD license. This means that it can be reused and remixed with few restrictions. See the license text for more information.

Citing: Fatiando is research software. See our CITATION file to learn how to cite us in your publications.

The best place to start learning about Fatiando is the Cookbook. There, you’ll find many sample scripts with common tasks that can help you get started.

Watch Leonardo Uieda talk about the motivation behind Fatiando a Terra and some of the main features at the 2013 Scipy conference: http://youtu.be/Ec38h1oB8cc