A Python library for modeling and inversion in geophysics.

Our goal is provide a comprehensive and extensible framework for geophysical data analysis and the development of new methodologies.


Research: Fatiando allows you to write Python scripts to perform your data analysis and generate figures in a reproducible way.

Development: Designed for extensibility, Fatiando offers tools for users to build upon the existing infrastructure and develop new inversion methods. We take care of the boilerplate.

Teaching: Fatiando can be combined with the Jupyter notebook to make rich, interactive documents. Great for teaching fundamental concepts of geophysics.

Getting started

See the install instructions to set up your computer and install Fatiando.

Once you have everything installed, browse the cookbook for examples of what Fatiando can do.

If you have problems, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Support us!

Fatiando is research software made by scientists. Please cite it in your publications if you used it. Citations help us justify the effort that goes into building and maintenance.

Getting help

There are many ways to get in contact with us:

If you come across a bug, please include this in your message: your operating system, Python version, Fatiando version, code that generated the error, the full error message.


You don’t need to code to contribute. You can start by sending us your feedback: bug reports, feature requests, code contributions, spelling corrections, usage examples, etc.

We need a lot of help improving the documentation. You can help by reporting typos, suggesting new sections and improvements, and anything that you think would make the docs better in any way.

If you want to mess with the code, take a look at our developers guide. Don’t be afraid to ask for help getting started!


  • October 2014: Fatiando was featured on volume 89 of the bulletin of the Brazilian Geophysical Society (SBGf). Read it on page 13 of the PDF file (in Portuguese).
  • July 2014: We presented a poster at Scipy 2014 about the fatiando.inversion package. See the Github repo for the poster and source code behind it.
  • June 2013: Fatiando a Terra was presented at SciPy 2013. Slides and source code of the presentation and proceedings are on Github. Watch a recorded version on Youtube.

Read all announcements.

Watch Leo give a presentation about Fatiando at Scipy 2013.